What is Reiki and Energy/Chakra Balancing? 

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, emotional or out of balance?

Would you like to clear away lower vibrational and negative energies from your body and consciousness?

Would you like to enhance your overall health and wellbeing?

Would you like to accelerate your journey of spiritual
awakening, healing, and inner transformation?

If so, then come and enjoy a deeply relaxing and transformational reiki energy healing session with me at my private practice, located in Bobcaygeon.

by Tanya Willis

About Tanya

I’m a wife and mum, Body Transformation Coach among many other things!!  I’ve had many issues dealing with the scale going up and down, a muffin top that wouldn’t disappear, emotional eating binges that did not involve carrots and struggling with insecurity! Through all of this I just wanted to feel normal. I wanted to be happy like everyone else!

In my teens and 20’s I wanted the quick fixes, the magic pills, the fairy dust – whatever I could get my hands on to make me a lean, happy and sexy machine. Yup, found out it doesn’t exist. I wanted to cry!! I was so frustrated. I felt like I was going around and around until I was completely exhausted and back at the starting point. And when I talk with other women they feel that way too. So, I delved further into holistic health – the emotional, mental and physical – wrote a book, and have been in this field for many years helping 1000’s of women.

I discovered that by being smarter, not working harder, I could get the results I wanted and also for my clients. It started with some really small shifts that I will share with you over time. With this new knowledge, I felt ALIVE, VIBRANT and COMFORTABLE in my own skin. And my clients felt this way too!

My mission is to continue to help women step into the body they WANT. To feel confident & sexy, in control of their food choices and have their clothes fit just as they should while having the energy to live a VIBRANT life.

My Journey with Energy Healing and Reiki
I felt scattered and uneasy. I had improved my diet and exercise routine but needed something else – that’s when I discovered the chakras, energy balancing and Reiki.
Each month I treat myself to the healing and centering powers of Reiki. I definitely feel calmer and centered and can tell when I need my next monthly session.

Healthy hugs,

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“Tanya has magic hands. I came in with a shoulder issue and left pain free and grounded. Thank you. “ – Lynne

“I’d never had Reiki before but LOVED it! I felt like I was floating and felt my body releasing something. I loved the chakra essential oils that Tanya used and the soothing music. I will definitely be coming back.” – Joan

“For days after my Reiki session with Tanya I felt grounded, calm and centered. During our session I could feel my energy moving and my body & mind relaxing.” - Elaine

"I have issues with constipation. One Reiki treatment with Tanya gets my system flowing again - and that's just one of the great benefits I feel from my monthly Reiki treatments with her." - K.S. 
 What is Reiki?
Reiki is a powerful and holistic energy healing technique. Using gentle touch, it brings about a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace as it clears blocked energy, lifts away unwanted patterns, revitalises the system, and allows you to heal in body, mind, and spirit. You can experience the healing of Reiki from a distance if you are not in my area.

What Happens in a Reiki Session?
Laying comfortably on a massage table fully-clothed under a blanket, you will enjoy an incredibly relaxing, peaceful and spiritual experience. My hands will hover or lightly touch you from head to toe, channelling beautiful reiki universal life-force energy throughout your body, chakras, and auric field. This brings about deep relaxation, inner peace, and spiritual oneness. During Distant Reiki, we would set up a time and I would perform the session with you laying in your house – energy has no boundaries!!

Each Reiki Energy Healing Session Includes:
A mini discussion before your treatment regarding any issues you may be experiencing.
Essential oils to help amplify the healing.
Focus on your breath.
Chakra balancing.
The channelling of reiki energy through your body, chakras and auric field for one hour.
Ambient music for deep relaxation and sound healing.

How Much is a Session?
The fee for each session is $60 plus HST. Please allow a total of 50 minutes for your session. Distance Reiki can be performed – please email me to chat about the details.
 Please call or text me at 705-731-9496 or email me at [email protected] for more information or to schedule your appointment.